5 Key Resources for Creating a Customer Journey Map


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In order to help your customers, you need to understand them. That’s easier said than done. It goes beyond attentive service and customer feedback. It’s about studying your customers’ experience, analyzing it every step of the way. These customer journey mapping tools are a great place to start!


What Is a Customer Journey Map?


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First of all, what do we mean by the “customer journey?”


Hubspot offers this definition: “the process by which a customer interacts with a company in order to achieve a goal.”


That process can and should be understood as a whole. That’s because all of those interactions, through various channels, events, and exchanges of information, come together to tell a story.


Your customers take a journey “through” your company to achieve a goal, solve a problem, or meet a need. The story of this journey can be mapped out, creating a visual representation of the process. Just like with any other journey through unfamiliar territory, a map can be seriously helpful! This is especially true if it’s crystal clear and 100% up to date.


Above all, your job is to help your customers on their journey. Guide them to their destination as smoothly and successfully as possible. That’s where the customer journey map comes in. It will show you exactly who your customers are, what they want, and how you can improve for their benefit.


In the list below, we’ll cover some of the amazing tools that you can use to create your customer journey map.


Top Customer Journey Mapping Tools


Here are some of the most useful resources available for customer journey mapping. Each of these options is a great place to get started!


there are plenty of great options when it comes to customer journey mapping software



1. HubSpot

For any marketing inquiry, Hubspot is an endlessly helpful source of information. So it’s no surprise that they’ve got some useful insights in this department. Here’s a blog from HubSpot that provides a step-by-step guide, a customer journey mapping template, and examples for reference! (See why we love being a Solutions Partner Agency?!)



2. Custellence

Custellence offers exceptionally easy-to-use customer journey mapping software. Check out the link for their comprehensive how-to guide. Also, this brief introductory video lets you get a feel for their simple, drag-and-drop user interface. 



3. Smaply

Smaply is another stellar resource for creating detailed, sophisticated customer journey maps. It also has a great feature for customizing your customer persona template. Smaply puts a unique emphasis on the visual component of this process. It’s an ideal user experience if you tend to understand things better in visual terms.



4. UXPressia

UXPressia is a fantastic customer journey mapping tool, too. It makes it especially easy for your team to collaborate, create, and share information together throughout the process. It has a standout feature for creating buyer personas, another crucial part of any long-term marketing strategy.



5. Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm is a versatile, top-notch customer journey mapping tool. And that’s not all! It also offers a wide variety of useful features to help with marketing, sales, and project management. It’s a great way to nail down customer preferences and pain points. That’s essential for making specific, effective improvements to your customer service.



Boost Customer Engagement with These Customer Journey Mapping Tools



boost customer engagement



There are plenty of other excellent options for customer journey mapping software. These are just some of our favorites. Check out these resources and see which looks like a good fit for you.


Whatever you decide, don’t forget that your customers are on a journey. With the right map, you can avoid unpleasant detours, disorientation, or ending up at the wrong destination. Let’s help to shape that journey into the best experience possible!



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