20 graphic design blogs I love reading


20 Graphic Design Blogs that are Sources of Inspiration, Creativity, and Artist Resources


When it comes to art and graphic design, inspiration and resources are two of the most important factors in creating new content. As a creative person, it is very easy to fall into “art block” and unfortunate patterns of repeating past work instead of growing in your craft and becoming a better artist.

To help you find motivation in your creative work, I’ve compiled a list of 20 fantastic graphic design blogs that I love reading, exploring, and finding inspiration from. 


20 Graphic Design Blogs that will Inspire Your Work


  1. We and The Color: This is the only blog I know that includes architecture in their selections of art and design. Architecture can be fun to look at and can give insight when you’re designing graphics for architectural spaces. They also offer daily art posts as well as design inspiration.

  2. Booooooom: This blog has a little more variety. They have BooooooomTv, which isn’t necessarily a blog but another avenue this site offers to help you gather inspiration, especially if you are interested in film and animation. There is also a section where artists can submit their works to be featured on the blog.

  3. The Dieline: If you work in product and packaging, or just simply find it interesting, definitely take a look at the Dieline. They have a large collection of different brand identities and different types of products. I’ve always enjoyed looking at packaging and have a lot of appreciation when so much time and effort is put into a product, that you can see it even in their packaging.

  4. The Fox is Black: Similar to Booooooom, The Fox is Black offers inspiration in many different fields. Also, like We and The Color, this is one of the few blogs I’ve found that shows fashion and hairstyle as graphic design inspiration. Through this site, I’ve even found some amazing artists who influence my work.

  5. This is Mirador: This is another product and packaging blog site that features design and illustrations. A lot of the work on this site is more editorial and features a myriad of works; from magazines to beer cans and stationary.

  6. Made by Folk: Made by Folk is a platform market made for artists and designers to create and sell works of art. They also feature podcasts and tips, spotlighting working artists. On top of all that, they have job listings.

  7. Digital Arts: This is one of my favorites, simply because of what it offers to artists. The blog is dedicated to those who work in digital media and features inspirational posts, tutorials, and job listings. This site is perfect for artists who work in various fields.

  8. Gurafiku: Described as “a collection of visual research” of the history of graphic design in Japan. The Tumblr blog features many editorial works by Japanese artists throughout the years. I find Japanese art unique and intriguing. I definitely think this blog is worth checking out.

  9. Design Made In Japan: This blog features projects by designers and illustrators in Japan. Like I said previously, I love Japanese designs, so it’s another blog I’d recommend taking a look at. This blog also has job opportunities in Japan for those who may be interested in work there!

  10. Fonts in Use: Fonts are one thing I struggle with personally so, I enjoy seeing all the different ways text is being used throughout the blog. It’s really inspiring seeing successful uses of text in various media.

  11. Design Shack: Design Shack is a helpful tool for artists. They offer tutorials, templates, and inspiration posts. This site is a total playground for creative minds.

  12. Canva: Canva is known for its free online graphic design platform, but they also have a blog. Canva’s blog presents tutorials, templates, and more for their users, which is especially good for beginners.

  13. Inspired Mag: The title speaks for the site! They have many advice articles as well as a resources section. The resources section is always great because of the different things it offers. Sometimes you can even find freebies!

  14. You the Designer: They offer similar things to Inspired Mag. Inspiration, articles, resources, and they have a separate section for freebies. Freebies are amazing for artists and designers alike.

  15. It’s Nice That: This blog features many different paths of creativity. They have everything from advertising to animation, as well as design. They are a really excellent source of inspiration.

  16. From Up North: This is an online magazine that works to feature the best pieces from around the globe. Looking at works from different cultures is important when it comes to new content. You can find inspiration in things you’d probably never expect to find inspiration from.

  17. Site Inspire: If you are a web designer or just enjoy looking at beautiful websites, Site Inspire is perfect for you. This blog features some of the most beautifully designed websites. This would also be a great website for those looking to build websites.  

  18. Inspiration Hut: A great source for tutorials. Signing up for their newsletter opens you up for many free downloads and trials for procreating and photoshop brushes, free fonts, textures and many more. This blog is quite literally an inspiration hut.

  19. The Logo Smith’s Blog: A blog dedicated to logos and graphic design. They offer various articles and tutorials on brand identity and general graphic design tips. This website also includes a hire me section for artists looking for work.

  20. Brand New: I absolutely love the play on words for this blog. They compare and contrast companies that have improved their brand identities from new to old. Reading about the changes they made and what they did to improve the designs can help companies that are looking into improving upon their own brand.


Check Out These Graphic Design Blogs and Let the Creativity Flow!


I hope you are able to find your own sources of inspiration from these blogs. As artists, nothing is worse than when you hit that creative block! That’s why we have to stick together, providing one another with our tricks to digging ourselves from the block and back into the free-flowing, creative world of art. 


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