Businesses continue to move their operations online where they are selling their products (and services) with the click of a button. However, competition on eCommerce platforms is becoming fierce, and only the savvy organizations will be able to compete effectively.

A well thought out landing page is the magical door of entry to your eCommerce success. An impressive landing page will be useful in customer acquisition, and retention, while at the same time converting the qualified traffic coming to your website into reliable customers. The following are some of the strategies that you can utilize to make your landing page impressive.

(Please note – here we are considering a landing page to be any page a potential customer lands on through an organic, intent-based search, or by clicking a paid ad. Landing pages in this context do not have to be different from your regular eComm pages or, in some cases, home pages that service-based industries have been trending toward.)


Tips for an Impressive Landing Page Experience


Be Direct with Your Visitors

The purpose of your eCommerce or service platform is to either make a sale or to capture a lead for further nurturing down the line. (It depends on your business and your sales cycle.) You need to ensure that you aren’t giving too much information to your landing page visitors. Just make sure to inform them of the product(s) or services they were searching for, or if targeting through advertising then make sure to include enough information to call on them to act now. Give them a reason to purchase or a reason to give you their information.


tips for creating impressive landing pages


Tell your potential customers to “add to cart”, “buy now”, “sign up” or “contact us” for more information. Be precise and direct. People don’t want to spend time on your website doing nothing. You should inform them what to do and direct them accordingly.


Provide Your Visitors with Offers

An offer is something you provide to your existing customers, or new website visitors, in consideration that they will give you something in return. For example, you can consider the traditional offers such as discounts and coupons. Moreover, you can use other digital offers such as service test runs or white papers.

These offers should be something your ideal customers would find significant. You don’t have to give away the horse, but make it stand out among your competition.


provide discounts on landing pages


You want these folks to stay for more than a moment on your landing page and redeem the offer. After that you want them to explore your website further. Ideally, they will see something that is attractive to them, and make an additional purchase, or they will be intrigued and want to learn more about your business. An impressive landing page with a killer offer is some powerful stuff!


Personalize Your Landing Pages

Your website should reflect your business’s personality. A site dealing with fashion for 20-something women should have content that is attractive to these young women. This means that you should be talking about women’s fashion, modern fashion trends, and other aspects that focus on issues of interest to this target demo.


create impressive landing pages by including your personality


They should also be able to relate to the language used when writing the content for your landing pages. For example, you should ensure that you adopt a voice that young women will connect to when they come across your landing pages. The tone should make them relate to the brand by seeing themselves reflected in the brand. 

Also, if you have a brick-n-mortar shop, there should be no contradicting images of your physical business and your online presence. 


Landing Page Design

consistent branding and colors on a landing page

High-quality UX/UI design is essential to creating impressive landing pages. Design helps your customers to focus on fundamental things. Make sure your landing page has an appropriate amount of white space, so it is easy to skim read.

Also, an impressive landing page uses consistent brand color standards while at the same time ensuring that the page is easy to navigate and drive action. 


Trust Signals

Your potential customers need to see that you are a reliable, trustworthy business before they consider purchasing products and services from your website. This can be done by providing authentic social proof on your landing pages in the form of testimonials, a social media feed where current customers are raving about you, or by customers sharing your impressive landing page on their social media platforms.

You can also use trust badges from reputable organizations. These could include badges from payment processors, the BBB, or other accredited organizations that legitimize your business. 


Embrace Minimalism

Being minimal means that impressive landing pages do not include things like flashing pop-ups or a dense novel of text that is by no means skimmable for the reader.

Ensure that your page is clean, organized, and contains only necessary information. Include information that will encourage visitors to convert.


paypal verified ecommerce landing pages


Keep it simple and direct your traffic toward a purchase, or down the funnel, rather than overwhelming them with unnecessary details. Much of the information here should be written in bullet points so that it can be quickly scanned.


Wrapping Things Up

Impressive landing pages are the entryway to your eCommerce platform, and the elements they contain are the keys that unlock sales.  Landing pages can make or break your business.

Having a landing page that meets the needs of your website visitors is an essential part of attracting and retaining customers. The above strategies are high level, yet helpful when it comes to developing a top converting landing page for customer acquisition.

As a business owner or manager, you need to not only understand these strategies but also implement them to ensure that your landing page maintains excellent customer acquisition.


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