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Campaign Development

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Inbound marketing is the best way to turn strangers into customers, and customers into promoters. In the past, the strategy has been to wait for qualified potential customers to come to you. This strategy is “reactive”, whereas the inbound methodology is “proactive”. Inbound marketing produces strategies that are one step ahead of the game by planning campaigns that will keep potential customers interested and delight existing customers.


Crafting the most effective inbound marketing campaign for your unique offering is not only our bread and butter, it’s our fun time.  The marketing nerds at HeartBrain love nothing more than coming up with inbound marketing strategies from scratch. Campaign development is where we really get to flex our creative muscles and put our beautiful brains to work to create something we can both be proud of as partners. At HeartBrain, we have the expertise you need to develop, execute, and deploy an exceptional inbound campaign throughout the web, and get you the market penetration your talents warrant.


Persona Development

When you want to develop a strong understanding of your audience to create targeted content.

Proactive Content Creation

When the content your creating now is like throwing a fishing line into an empty lake.

Insightful Design

When you want your design assets to match brand image and intrigue your target audience.

CRM Integration

When you want to automate CRM services, but don't have the time to integrate software.

Lead Nurturing

When you want to spend more time helping potential customers through the sales funnel

Funnel Targeting & Messaging

When the current strategy isn't sending your audience the right message


Creating an inbound marketing strategy can be very custom and complex. This is why we don’t have specific inbound package plans. Don’t worry! Send us some information about your business and its goals and we can put together a quote based on the developed strategy. Inbound marketing is about understanding your target audience and creating a plan that doesn’t wait for customers to come to you.

Tell us your story, and the HeartBrain team will run a report on your current strategy, recommend services, and help you develop an inbound strategy that produces results.  

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