Why You Need to Start Marketing on Social Media


In the modern landscape, the importance of social media marketing has become glaringly obvious. There are millions of users waiting to discover your product and/or service. Social media gives people the ability to be more innovative and creative than ever before.


Building your brand on social media is all about creating a unique and authentic voice. This will keep your current customers coming back and draw a new audience in. Develop your voice to increase website traffic, leads, and sales which will ultimately lead to exponential growth.


Social Media Marketing and Brand Awareness


bear talking about brand awareness for social media


In utilizing social media marketing, it is vital to leverage the social aspect of these networks to boost brand awareness. Brand awareness is the vehicle that will enable your company to stand out among the crowd. 


Social media is becoming an increasingly competitive marketplace. As a result, brands need to get creative. The goal is to boost your presence across social channels and stand out.


Brand Awareness Strategies


Building a robust social media presence enhances your visibility among current and potential customers. Now the question becomes, where do we begin? 


The foundation of brand awareness on social media is ensuring that your brand has a grasp on who you are. Your brand should be a living, breathing entity. Dig into your brand promise and personify it! Make sure that personality shines consistently across all of your communication channels. 


the importance of social media marketing in making your brand a living breathing entity


Once your brands’ voice is consistent, it’s time to think about your content strategy. This is where you will determine what kind of content your followers will be most likely to engage with.


Is it an eye-catching photo or video, a funny meme, or a cat GIF? Or, does your target audience prefer an information-dense white paper? Luckily, there is no wrong answer as long as you remain within the limits of your brands’ voice. Engaging authentically with your followers will show exponential growth over time. 


Engaging on Social Media


return from engaging with followers shows the importance of social media marketing


Social media provides the opportunity for you to get on the same level with your customers. Using these channels as a way to create a conversation with your followers humanizes your brand. This in turn builds trust between your brand and your current and future customers. 


The importance of social media marketing comes to light when seeing how brands are able to have a two-way conversation with their customers. Social media engagement creates meaningful relationships with customers at all points in their purchasing journey. 





How likely is it that you would engage with a brand on social media if each caption seemed to be a carbon copy of the one that came before it? Probably not very likely. 


Social media is your brand’s chance to have authentic interactions with your customers. Respond to your followers tweets with a funny anecdote, use polls to get input for new products, share Instagram stories that you’ve been tagged in. These actions all create a deeper relationship with your followers and will encourage them to continue to engage and be a loyal customer. 



The Importance of Social Media for Growth


97 percent of consumers use social media


Are you still asking yourself what exactly is the importance of social media marketing? Well, if we can’t convince you yet, maybe the fact that 97% of digital consumers have used social media in the last month will do the trick!? With such a massive user base, it seems silly to not jump on the bandwagon and leverage these tools to help your brand grow.


Increasing Website Traffic, Leads, and Boosting Sales


Social media is a great platform for flashy graphics and witty one liners, but it can also be used as a vessel to drive traffic back to your website. Did you publish a blog post about a product that is in development? That is content that your followers on social media would eat up! 


When it comes to getting creative about increasing website traffic and leads, the options on social media are endless. Brands have the ability to include a call to action button in their profile or run an ad campaign with a “learn more” button to instantly capture contact information for leads. 


Getting creative is the name of the game, whether you are sending customers to a simple landing page or using incentives like running a contest or offering a discount code, there are so many options that can result in exponential growth. 


Influencer Campaigns 

influencer campaigns and the importance of social media marketing


Among other reasons, the importance of social media marketing in today’s marketplace is that you are able to use it as a mechanism for building credibility, which will ultimately increase sales. Implementing an influencer campaign is a great way to target an established following by collaborating with an influential social media user.


When considering this type of campaign, you will want to think about a few things. Selecting an influencer that aligns with your brand promise is crucial. As a partner to your brand, they will be a representative of your brand promise and culture. 


Equally as important, influencers should be selected based on their following. When influencer marketing is done effectively, your brand is able use the influencer to permeate their trusted following and expand their reach to a new audience.  


A Vehicle for Growth


the importance fo social media marketing as a vehicle for growth


The importance of social media marketing is endless, but ultimately it comes down to using it as a tool to increase brand awareness and personify your brand. Consumers today are looking for authentic experiences and gravitate to the businesses and products that are able to marry that authenticity and productivity. 


Creating meaningful relationships with your followers through genuine and memorable interactions on social media will lay the foundation for a strong brand awareness. If you sow the soil, brand awareness turns to brand loyalty!


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