Your Digital Marketing Agency in New Hampshire

At HeartBrain Marketing we believe that creating the best digital marketing solution is a dance between data-driven objectives and understanding your ideal customers' wants, needs, and pains. It is from this perspective that HeartBrain crafts, and delivers, a holistic approach to digital marketing and advertising for your business.

Founded in 2016, HeartBrain Marketing in Manchester, NH is the culmination of our founder's love of digital marketing and desire to create a different kind of agency.

Having worked at a large, national media company, a boutique marketing agency in Massachusetts, and then as a Marketing Director for SMEs, Nancy was deeply familiar with both the vendor and client side of things. Therefore she knew there had to be a better way to deliver quality digital marketing services, transparency, communication, and teamwork than the antiquated pay-in-advance for services model.

At HeartBrain marketing we do not ask potential clients to trust us when they don't know us yet. We do not require large, monthly retainers paid in advance. Instead, HeartBrain Marketing works with each client to determine a budget, a flexible scope of work, and only sends an invoice for digital marketing work that has been delivered.

Many have said that this is NOT how a digital marketing agency should do business. However, the HeartBrain Marketing team has found success with our clients based on establishing trust first.

HeartBrain Marketing's Tenets

We don't work on binding contracts. In short, we do business on a handshake.

We do track our time hourly and deliver reports to every client. You shouldn't be left in the dark about the work being done for you. Our blended agency hourly rate is incredibly competitive at $150/HR.

We don't take every job that comes our way. We have to believe in what we are doing. Also, sometimes people ask for things outside of our skill set.

We do love referrals. Thanks folks! You know who you are...