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The way people find your company has changed dramatically since the onset of the digital age.  Gone are the days of ink smudged fingers from flipping pages in the phone book and now our first stop when we need something is an internet search.

But people don’t just search the net thoughtlessly, they search with intent; for information, products, and service alike.  Understanding the intent behind the way your customers search online is the first step to helping clients who need your products and services find you in their time of need.  This is the essence of SEM.



Here at HeartBrain Marketing, we have a thorough knowledge of PPC advertising platforms, both Google Ads and Bing Ads, so we understand how people search the web.  We also understand the importance of aligning your intent-based search terms with your advertising copy and landing page. We track the results that matter.  We use key performance indicators (KPIs) set with every client individually to measure performance, and not vanity metrics like some other firms.  The HeartBrain experience ensures that you will get the best ROI for your advertising budget with PPC advertising. Our client experience ranges from local product and service companies to international organizations.  Our reward is watching each new lead come in for every one of our clients.  Your reward is the certainty that you are making the most of your marketing budget with HeartBrain. Are you currently using a PPC service not listed here? Never fear! Our expert marketing team is always looking to expand their knowledge of new advertising platforms to better serve you.


Keyword Research

When you want to use the keywords that will reach the right people.

Competitive Research

When you know your audience, but not your audience's other options.

Search Analytics

When you want to get an in-depth understanding of web searchers and their habits.

Account Set-Up

When you know you need it, but don't have the time to learn how to use and configure SEM related platforms.

Ad Copywriting & Creation

When you want creative ads that tactfully intrigue your target audience.

Bid Management

When you know you need strategic approaches to win bids on Google Ads, but don't have to time to manage the process.


Creating an SEM strategy can be very custom and complex. This is why we don’t have specific package plans. Don’t worry! Send us some information about your business and its goals and we can put together a quote based on the developed strategy. We understand how much a strong SEM strategy changes a business (for the better!). The metrics, data, and unlimited possibilities can be too much for one team. Tag us in!

Tell us your story, and the HeartBrain team will run a report on your current strategy, recommend services, and help you develop an SEM strategy that produces results.  

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