Nancy Deol

I write a lot. I research a lot. I develop campaigns. I do tons and tons of SEO and PPC work. Oh, and I'm pretty handy when it comes to Social Media. I consume data and implement actions to drive lead growth. I have colorful hair.

Sat Deol

Effective communication and presentation skills; adept at training/educating others. Ability to discuss and explain complex idea to both technical and non-technical clients. Excellent interpersonal skills that result in building quality personal and professional relationships

Brianna Coykendall
Content Project Manager

Brianna Coykendall is HeartBrain Marketing's Content Project Manager. Bri specializes in technical and creative writing, website optimization, and content planning consultation. In her free time, she runs the Central NH Writers Circle, where folks come together to workshop and share their writing. She loves to read and write poetry, play music, cook, travel, and has a special interest photography.

Chelsea Demastrie
SEM/Paid Social Manager

Paid search expert with experience in Google Ads, Bing, Gemini, Google Analytics, and Facebook ads. Certified in PPC by Google Ads and SEMRush. B.A. in International Business from HTW Berlin. Loves working with data and is a whiz at Google's Data Studio.

Nick Klotz
Digital Marketing Intern

A digital storyteller, content creator, and senior at SNHU studying Information Technology. Nick has experience with HTML5, CSS3 and WordPress development. Nick is also well-versed in all stages of video production.

Alexea Grabas
Graphic Designer

Student at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Skilled in Illustration and Graphic Design. Wants to travel the world.

Jennifer Bourgeois
Project Manager

Business Development and project management is my game. When it comes to marketing, I am as they say "A Jane of all trades and master of...some!" I have done everything from overseeing multi-franchise digital marketing initiatives down to the nitty-gritty of copy writing and doing my own voice overs for small local dealerships. Almost all of my 11 years of experience has been in the auto industry so I am excited to work with new markets and new clients. I am process driven and believe that setting clear expectations and accountability are key to keeping things moving and shaking!